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Earthling Alert!

February 10, 2015

I’ve seen this amazing couple live…they are HILARIOUS!

Sacred Steve

Planet Earth, February 9, 2015

There has been a massive out break of people taking themselves too seriously! While authorities have been alerted, we advise people to take precautions. As you may know, taking yourself too seriously leads to anger, arrogance, being easily insulted and various gastro-cerebral maladies.

Taking yourself seriously has been know to cause oysters to grow in unprotected brain cells. If that disgusts you, not to worry. There is a solution.

Tune in to "Insight Out–the Naked Truth" radio program Tuesday at 7 pm

Not only will you be able to avert this malicious tendency, but you will discover what it takes to undermine its hold on the human psyche. Imagine…millions of earthlings laughing all over the place–a veritable outbreak of giggles, guffaws and weight losing belly laughs

So tune in every Tuesday night at 7 PM And especially tomorrow night, if you feel any symptoms of self-seriousness creeping into your consciousness. Or, if you’ve had outbreaks of self-seriousness in the past, go to our archives at the same website and listen to any of our past programs. All are known to mitigate those supercilious attitudes that are symptoms of the disease.

So come on over to our house for as many helpings of laughter and insight out as you can absorb. You don’t have to bring anything–just an open mind, open heart, and a well modulated laugh reflex.

And we always include amazing songs in our shows–to give your left brain time to absorb the Insights.

Hope to be with you soon…..

Errol & Rochelle

Insight Out–the Naked Truth–Guaranteed to knock your blocks off!

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