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Jeshua Quote

September 13, 2014

Quote from Jeshua:

"Love is universally free. Thus, in being love, so are you. Your body may be imprisoned, but your love has no boundaries.

"Love commands the adamantine particles, thus in being love you take command of your life.

"Love is the master of conditions, not the servant of them. Thus in being love, you are no man’s slave.

"Love is the law, and any law is only as valid as it is rooted in love. By this, all men shall know the law, and be equal under it. This is why I left you with only two commandments: To love God with all your heart, and your neighbor as yourself.

"Love is universally resonant with all of life, and in being love you are also resonant with life. There are no conditions to the truth of who you are. It is your sacred right to be the love that you are, and that is unconditional."

Love Without End Jesus Speaks by Glenda Green, Chapter 4, p. 74

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