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Jeshua Quote

December 29, 2013

"In the beginning, life was given as a gift unto itself. It existed long before there was a story to tell about it and life will endure long after the last story has ended. Life does not depend upon stories for its authenticity and authority, although it does seek to experience and fulfill its nature. For that reason, life connects with stories. Stories are the containers of experience.

"Human beings are natural storytellers. They enjoy their stories, learn from them, and explore the future with unbounded freedom through that creative medium. Whether they are told, lived out, or just held in one’s mind for the meaning they bring, stories provide a context for sharing, learning, and including others in the pageants of life. Stories are as ancient as language, and storytelling is a unique facet of human sentience. Stories are a marvelous creative tool for sculpting awareness and developing character as long as one knows they are stories. The only problem is that stories are often misused and confused with other important functions and principles of life. For example: in the absence of a purpose, a goal, or a mission in life, a person will look to his story or acquired stories for instructions about what to do next. Stories begin to direct his life and steal authority from him. Often social leaders will manipulate communities and nations with stories that embrace the history or aspiration of large numbers of people. You are not your history, and you are not the obliged servant of your history’s perpetuation. You are also not your story!"

“The Keys of Jeshua” by Glenda Green, Chapter 23, p. 307

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