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The Jeshua Triple Play!

December 21, 2013

Three quotes from Jeshua…

"Through the oneness of spirit the universe is maintained in unity, and all of creation performs in an interlocking system of relationships where everything belongs and has its place. Spirit is the ultimate medium of communication, for it is indivisible. Through spirit’s unbroken essence, all thoughts and intentions are conveyed. As mankind awakens to this, more people will have the gift of prophecy, of vision, of telecommunication, of empathy, of reaching beyond what once was called the void, and knowing there is no void at all. Where once there was loneliness, there will be comfort in knowing that space is filled with love and continuity."

"Love Without End Jesus Speaks" by Glenda Green, Chapter 6, p.138

"Your heart will always know what is true, although the process of living is required to learn the details! Reality responds instinctively to love. You do not have to use force to implement reality. Have courage, for reality exists to work. You do not have to use persuasion, or know influential people to invoke reality’s potential. Reality belongs equally to everyone. Therefore, licensed permission, special education, and originality are not required. Reality represents the utmost in honesty, innocence, and approachability, even to the smallest and most innocent child. You simply have to know that reality is one with God and have the courage to accept it. The heart knows truth as that which sets it free."

"Love Without End Jesus Speaks" by Glenda Green, Chapter 15, p. 380

"The distribution of spirit throughout nature is easy to see by any observant person. … The fact is man’s connection with the original pure light of the Creator has always been accessible and calling. Only because of false guidance, distraction, and lack of faith has it not been seen. The Holy Spirit is open to anyone willing to receive. It is innocent, wise, and loving. It can bring renewal, enlightenment, instruction, and the greatest inspirations. One must simply look to the right level for guidance. I told my Apostles to consider it their Counselor.

"Love Without End Jesus Speaks" by Glenda Green, Chapter 17, p.135

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