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Nobel Prize for the God Particle

October 8, 2013

In the book "Love Without End Jesus Speaks" by Glenda Green first published in 1998, Jesus AKA Jeshua, tells Glenda Green that the "Adamantine Particle" as he calls it, or the indivisible generic particle of existence, would soon be discovered. In our modern physics jargon, this particle is sometimes called by names such as the Higgs boson, Higgs particle, or just "God Particle". As was speculated, last year, the Hadron Super Collider finally produced such a particle. Now, the original scientists who first wrote the equations back in the 1960’s are being awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics…

According to Jeshua, there is an infinite supply of these particles, which he also referred to as "Particles of Infinity". Many of these particles are "locked up" for the "duration" as subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, etc. However, many of these particles are free flowing, and I make the connection that this is what the ancients in the past have called "Chi" or "Prana".

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