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Spirit of Feng Shui Autumn News

September 20, 2013

Did you have a chance to see the Harvest Moon September 18? A spectacular visual of Mother Nature. September 22 is the actual date of Autumn Equinox, the beginning of Fall – a new season in natureʻs cycle.

TUI – Children, Creativity

In Feng Shui, this season is referred to as TUI – Children and Creativity. The element is metal. Itʻs when the creative efforts of spring planting and growth stimulated by the summer sun begins to bear fruit. In a few months we commemorate Thanksgiving – a time to give thanks for an abundant harvest and when families gather together to celebrate.

Last week, my friend Jillian and I attended the Third National Heirloom Exposition in Santa Rosa. Itʻs said to be the worldʻs largest display of heirloom produce – over 3,000 varieties. An heirloom is described as "something of special value handed down from generation to generation". In this case, it is food grown from heirloom seeds. We were awestruck by the level of conscious, down to earth farmers, gardeners, vendors, attendees coming together. The air was palpable with everyoneʻs passion about the real food movement.

One whole exhibit hall was filled with thousands of heirloom tomatoes, beets, carrots, onions and a giant colorful, sculptural mound of pumpkins, squashes and gourds. This was truly TUI – creativity in action to see the magnificent abundance of harvest. There was a whole section of School Garden displays where children proudly exhibited their efforts at growing food. Happy cows, goats, lamb, sheep were also on display and how to make wool from the latter.

Suggestions for the TUI season:

Acknowledge and celebrate your own accomplishments (the fruits of your labor):

What are you harvesting from your life? A fabulous organizer, realtor, musician, financial advisor, artist, parenting, student, CFO? Whatever you do, TUI is the season to reflect and give thanks for what you have received in your life and to take stock and celebrate your accomplishments professionally and personally.

Acknowledge "pat yourself on the back" for your skills:

My Hula Grandmaster was recently in California lecturing on Hula for Health and Healing. So often, people think that hula is just a beautiful dance – hips swaying in the tropical breeze with flowers in the hair. He asked us "what has hula done for you?" And hereʻs a short list of our response: Commitment, responsibility, discipline, respect, honesty, compassion, connection to nature, inspiration, love, humility, creativity, aesthetics, beauty, nurturing, focus, physical flexibility and stamina, spirituality, awe, joy, health, teamwork and more. In the same way, take stock of what life lessons you have learned, which is about TUI within you.

Engage in activities that bring you joy:

Do you notice how much children are in the present moment. How infectious their peals of laughter and shrieks of joy? How quickly if they are not happy they can dissolve into tears? TUI is about children. They are great teachers for us in learning to "see things as though for the first time – with new eyes" and to have fun. Make time for play and joy in this season of TUI.

Feng Shui and Energy Clearing Consultation:

One activity that truly brings me joy is to help clients. A recent email had the title "Shocking!". "The work you have done and suggestion we took immediate action on, have been effective in a change and improvement in my husbandʻs business big time. His company is having the best quarter since 2004 (which was a good year). Itʻs as if the dam has broken and the work he has put in for so long is a free flowing stream. It started happening the very same week we went in and cleaned up the cluttered, stagnant storage room in the wealth sector. Many other wonderful things are happening…a few companies are paying us large sums of money to get off their budget for next yearʻs work. Thatʻs over $100K for "no good reason" just showing up. Now everyone in the office is saying Feng Shui works (well, duh!). On the home front, I have reinforced many of your suggestions and finding more harmony and enjoyment within the family." B.R.

Please contact me if you wish to stimulate TUI personally or professionally through the power of Feng Shui and Energy Clearing.

Wishing you a joyful, abundant season of TUI.

Terumi Leinow

Certified Feng Shui and Energy Clearing Consultant


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