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August 2, 2013
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August 2013
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"The fire you kindle for your enemy will consume you before it burns them."



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Burning Heart
From the Desk of…Dr. Habib Sadeghi
Dear Friends:

Last month I shared a story about receiving an ancient artifact as a gift from a former patient. It was uniface lateral margin hand axe from an archaeological dig in Africa that was thousands of years old. It was one of the very first tools early humans learned to create and played a significant role in the evolution of our species. Not only was the ability to make and utilize tools a defining moment in human evolution, but so was the discovery of fire.

When I was a student at Cal Poly in Pomona, my chemistry professor showed my class an experiment that vividly demonstrated how the scientific laws of something as destructive as fire could be easily thwarted with just a simple change. In the center of a large metal pan, he placed a flat stone which he surrounded with charcoals. On the stone, he sat an ordinary paper cup with just one inch of water in it. He set the coals on fire and asked the class what we thought was going to happen. Naturally, all of us agreed that the paper cup was going to be quickly consumed by the fire. Well, we waited and waited and waited for the cup to incinerate. Even as the fire raged around it, the cup remained completely intact. How could fire not burn up the paper and destroy the cup? It was as if we were watching the laws of physics being defied right before our eyes.

The professor explained that so long as the cup was filled with water, the heat from the fire was transferred into the liquid and turned into harmless vapor. He proved his point by placing an empty cup on the stone that shrank into ashes in seconds. When he returned the cup with the water into the fire, it stood unharmed, like a superhero in the middle of a firestorm.

My undergraduate degree holds the equivalent of a Master’s degree in chemistry. For a time, I taught organic and inorganic chemistry to pre-med students at UC Riverside. I used this same experiment not just for an academic lesson but a life lesson, as well. The rigors of medical school are legendary, with stress levels well beyond what any human should be subjected to. It’s because of that stress that statistics clearly show physicians have one of the highest suicide rates and shortest life spans of any social group. Not only did my own medical school experience confirm this, but it was made crystal clear to me when I read Dr. Joel Wallach’s excellent book, Dead Doctors Don’t Lie.

This simple, but powerful lesson has much to teach us all about how to survive the firestorms of our lives. It doesn’t matter if it’s the unrelenting pressure of medical school or the anxiety generated during an illness. If we aren’t filled up with something to transmute the heat of the fire that’s swirling around us, we will be consumed by it. Make no mistake. There may be lots of different dis-eases with big, fancy names, but when you follow any of them back to their roots; there’s only one cause: stress. It doesn’t matter if it’s generated by our job, marriage, children, parents, finances, childhood or anything else. Without any internal defenses, it’s these emotional fires of life that break us down over time, create dis-ease and eventually consume us.

The only thing that can transmute the fires of negativity that rage around us is love. When we are filled with love, see only love in others and recognize the loving opportunities in negative situations, we cannot be burned by the fires of life. Pain, anger, resentment and fear aren’t retained within us because love vaporizes them while we stand unharmed until the fire shrinks to embers around us.

I recently found an enormous glass bottle at a re-sale shop that was used in chemistry experiments. It must hold at least 20 gallons. I placed it in the corner of my waiting room and filled it with nearly 1,000 "LOVE" buttons that I offer my patients. For me, it stands as a reminder that when we allow ourselves to be filled with love every day, then we too can defy the laws of science, especially when it comes to dis-ease.

Blessings to You,

Dr. Sadeghi signature

Dr. Habib Sadeghi

The Old Soul Doctor™

Be Hive of secondary

New Be Hive Site Opening Soon
Coming Soon

In service of providing our patients with more ways to neutralize stress, fill themselves back up with loving energy and expedite healing, I’m overjoyed to announce that Be Hive of Healing will be expanding by opening a larger facility with more services to support your well-being. For over one year, the Be Hive staff has worked closely with healing professionals, product suppliers and architects to create a facility that’s more than just a doctor’s office. It’s a healing sanctuary that offers patients a chance to reconnect with themselves and nature in a profound way to reignite the healing process.

We’re bringing new experts onto our team and offering an exciting array of new services that hasn’t been possible to us before because of space limitations. These changes will allow us to add even more depth to treatment plans and provide you with service options that will make us one of the premier integrative medical centers in the international healing community. Some of the exciting new features include:

  • Infrared sauna
  • Live blood analysis
  • Healing magnetic field therapy
  • Colon hydrotherapy
  • Oxidative medicine department and ozone therapy
  • Full body composition analysis
  • Nutritionist
  • Weight release department
  • Sports massage therapy
  • Lymphatic Rejuvenation Therapy (LRT)
  • Reiki, energy and shamanic healing
  • Chakra balancing
  • Distillery
  • Facialist
  • Zen meditation water garden
  • Meditation sanctuary
  • Integrative Sufi healing and Panchakarma room
  • and more!

We will keep you updated as the expansion progresses. The new facility, located in Agoura Hills, is set to open in late 2013 or early 2014. We purposely chose this suburban location as a way to allow our patients to escape the stress of the city and reconnect with the healing energy of nature. We look forward to celebrating the opening with you soon!

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