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Jeshua Quote

June 29, 2013

"Everyone was created as love, but whatever condition that love might currently be in is simply a reflection of each person’s wellness, his past choices, and his ability to deal with life. Often the inner power of love has been neglected, disbelieved, abused, or denied. A rose in the garden is still a rose, even if it is wilted and covered with mildew. The weary and troubled faces you see around you are the faces of those whose love is broken or denied.

"When a person’s true nature has become separated from what motivates his actions, his behavior will be deferred to as the authentic measure of who he is, even if the actions are negative. It is easier to believe what you see. When that has happened love can no longer be understood as a Source Power, but only as an action or a feeling. In that state everyone will surely misunderstand who he is as well as the subject of love."

“Love Without End Jesus Speaks” by Glenda Green, Chapter 4, p. 70

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