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Jeshua Quote

April 19, 2013

Quote from Jeshua:

"In my Father’s house are many mansions. I came to prepare a place for you, and that place is within your very own being. Each human being is a temple to the Creator’s presence. When I came to Earth these temples, or mansions, were broken, fallen, or challenged with inadequate or wrong understanding. It was my love, my choice, and my duty to enter the temple of human form and to restore it from the inside out that you would have a place to live, in which your spirit could flourish and fulfill its destiny. As an architect, I redrew the plan for human design through my life, death, and resurrection. The place that I prepared for you is a restored temple within the blueprint of human potential. Now it is up to each soul to choose whether or when to accept that restoration."

"The Keys of Jeshua" by Glenda Green, Chapter 22, p. 288

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