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Jeshua Quote

January 27, 2013

Quote from Jeshua:

"When I walked on the earth, my mission was accomplished not by deeds, miracles or stories, but by one central teaching which I presented in countless ways and my life embodied: In the beginning and forever ‘I Am is the way; I Am is the word.’ I lived the principle and instructed all who would listen to the power of that truth. It is the secret to reconciling compassion, reality, and integrity, and for surmounting the perils of illusion, judgment, and separation. There was only one ritual commonly shared by all congregations of the early church. That was the bonding I shared with my apostles on the eve of my surrender. Unfortunately, much of the original meaning has been lost. I was not warning them of impending bloodshed and martyrdom. I was giving them one last, and meaningful, opportunity to master the central teaching of my life and to seal it in the drama of things to come. I was to conquer death, not by miraculous powers or even by prayer, but by the body and blood of MY BEING. Except that I am one with you and you are one with me, we can do nothing for one another. The same is true for all mankind. Through the joining of love, which is compassion, and the unity of spirit, which is peace, light is brought to the world and all is accomplished."

The Keys of Jeshua by Glenda Green, Chapter 2, p. 14-15

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