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Jeshua Quote

January 18, 2013

Quote from Jeshua:

"Things were not created from nothing. Everything was created from `Being’. The ultimate state of pure being is the totality of energy and potential, resting in stillness and peace with itself. In such a state all ideas for creation are formed, and these ideas are merely extensions of the self. Creation is the consequence of I AM moving into action, or life, through multiplying ITSELF. There was no instrument of creation outside of Divine Being. I AM THAT I AM is God. So too with yourself, the truth of who you are will not be found in actions or personal history, but in the simplicity of who you are within the stillness and peace of your inner being. In this universe and for all time, Being is Supreme. All that you do and have is an extension of your being and an outward gesture of the way you consider yourself to be."

The Keys of Jeshua by Glenda Green, Chapter 2, p. 14

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