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Receive a Solstice Blessing from Jeshua

December 20, 2012


CB 2012
You are joyfully invited to receive a very special Christ Blessing Thursday, December 20 at 4:45 PST; 5:45 MST; 6:45 CST; and 7:45 EST. This is a "Solstice eve blessing" that allows us to be more focused in love and spirit through the coming hours of special connection. It wasn’t easy to find just the right time for everyone, but I hope this works with your evening celebration plans and helps to launch the most perfect experience of the great celestial event.

All you will need to do is sit quietly with your feet bare and touching the floor, and pray in a way that feels natural for you. Do this for about 10 minutes, and then go and rest for another seven to ten minutes. Do not think or worry. Just quietly receive.

There will be further blessings through the next 24 hours by Blessing Givers around the world. So anytime you feel moved to receive and join in spiritual celebration just know you have been lovingly invited!

Just for your reference, the actual Solstice happens on Friday, December 21 at 11:11 AM Universal Time,

which translates to:

6:11 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST) = UT – 5 hours

5:11 AM Central Standard Time (CST) = UT – 6 hours

4:11 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST) = UT – 7 hours

3:11 AM Pacific Standard Time (PST) = UT – 8 hours

For those interested in coordinating with me the following day, I will be offering blessings at 10 AM; 2, 6, and 10 PM; and ending at 2:00 AM on December 22. I welcome any and all to join me through spiritual connection.

It is amazing to think after all these months and years of anticipation, the event forecast so many centuries ago is here. Whatever happens externally, I think it is near to miraculous that we are celebrating in consciousness with ancestors of long ago, and focusing on a common hope for transformation with our brothers and sisters around the world.

I approach this event prayerfully, reverently, and with inner quietness. A door is closing and another opening for the future of human connection and consciousness.

With love and blessings,


4:45 PST, 5:45 MST, 6:45 CST, and 7:45 EST

Please invite your friends, family, and contacts

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