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Jeshua Quote

December 14, 2012

Quote from Jeshua:

"It is not required that you climb a thousand steps before you can be fully connected with your Creator in spirit. Spirit is within you, spirit is of you, spirit is around you, spirit embraces you, and is with you always. You don’t need the permission of structure to receive everything that the Spirit of God has in store for you. All the great empires of history crumbled to dust because of hierarchies which governed their spiritual lives. This is why I said, ‘Blessed are the simple in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.’ When you are simple in spirit, all will be given to you, merely for the asking. You don’t need to acquire a new dimensionality before passing on to an even more elite dimensionality. Love and simplicity are the only requirements of a fulfilled spiritual life."

Love Without End Jesus Speaks by Glenda Green, Chapter 9, p. 227

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