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Spirit of Feng Shui Autumn News

September 26, 2012

From my Feng Shui consultant…

That morning air nip is certainly a sign of a seasonal change from the warm days of summer to the autumn equinox Saturday, September 22. In Feng Shui we shift to TUI – Children and Creativity. The element is metal, the shape is round and engages joy.

Tui represents the time of gathering, of celebrating the fruits or results of our labor. North Americans celebrate Harvest Thanksgiving in October and November. In China, the mid autumn Chinese Moon Festival is one of the most important festivals for the Chinese. The autumn full moon is considered the brightest and fullest. In ancient times, the Emperors worshipped the Sun in spring and the Moon in autumn. Gazing at the Moon is therefore an ancient autumn tradition.

TUI – Creativity – Joy

How is the moon connected to creativity? She is the yin – receptive, reflective, intuitive aspect of all life. The Sun is the yang – active, engaging, outgoing. It’s therefore the Moon energy that helps us to access our intuition and creativity.

Here are examples of two individuals who fully embody TUI and through their creativity, magnificently influence the world.

1. My Kahuna Hula Grandmaster, Frank Kawaikapuokalani Hewett, recently graduated a class of 15 California based hula students after a three year Intensive Hula Teacher Training. Many graduates were already hula teachers and therefore had halau (studios) throughout California. The graduates recently showcased what they had learned. It was a visually stunning and a rousing auditory entrance of Teachers and their 100+ students, resplendent in raffia or Ti leaf skirts and lei’s that they wove themselves, chanting the ancient wisdom prayers before dancing.

They were a glorious testimonial to our Grandmaster. His Tui – creativity, educated and inspired these Hula Teachers who in turn shared their Tui with their students. What a splendid "harvest" indeed. Together, they share and express their Tui through outreach to schools, hospitals, prisons, churches and other community offerings. Our Grandmaster also continually composes new music (by accessing his creative Yin – moon nature) and teaches worldwide -( engaging Yang – Sun energies). He gifts the universe with the true Aloha spirit and infuses all who come into contact with his creativity – with Joy.

2. The second example of Tui in Action for me, was attending the "National Heirloom Expo" in Santa Rosa. It’s considered the World’s Fair of the heirloom industry. There were over 4,000 varieties of heirlooms displayed including several gigantic squash weighing over 1,000 pounds that had to be fork lifted! Vendors of seed companies, food produce, nurseries, educational workshops and more were offered. Keynote speaker, Carlo Petrini, employs a holistic approach towards a better food and agricultural system. His TUI – creativity, founded the Slow Food Movement, which now includes over 100,000 members in 100 countries. He was a passionate, inspiring speaker and challenged us to entertain this notion. There are producers and consumer. What does it mean for all of us to stop being just consumers and become co-producers? This is a thought-full question for us to consider in this season of Tui.

Engaging Tui – some suggestions:

1. Make and create pockets of Yin time for yourself, away from I-phones, I-pads and action oriented yang activities. This Yin space is for you to engage your creativity and tap into what brings you joy.

2. Visit a Chinatown bakery and indulge in some Moon Cakes – a symbol of reunion. The cakes are often imprinted with the letters for longevity or harmony and are a popular food item during the Chinese Moon Festival, September 30.

3. Other round shaped fruits to consider this season:

a) Persimmon – exemplifying the progression from youth to age as a symbol of the progress from bitterness to

sweetness and compassion.

b) Pomegranate – a symbol of fertility and abundance as it is composed almost entirely of seeds.

4. Enjoy basking in the gentle light of the Full Moon, September 29, 8:18 pm PST. Probably joining millions engaged in moon gazing. Allow Her to assist you to engage TUI – creative energies of this season and give thanks for Her gracious blessings.

Contact me if you need help in accessing your co-creative, co-producing self by engaging the power of Feng Shui and Energy Clearing. Often an energy clearing helps to remove obstacles that may be impeding the flow of your creativity. A recent client said "Thank you, thank you – I feel FREE – oh so free!".

Blessings of the Harvest

and Happy Thanksgiving

Terumi Leinow

Feng Shui and Energy Clearing Consultant


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