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Please sign petition to stop putting Fluoride in Marin drinking water

August 19, 2012

Dear friends,

Please click on this link to sign the petition. Please share far and wide. We have 55 signatures but need 100,000.

Civil Liberty, shouldn’t we have the right to choose whether we want fluoride in the drinking water? If you want more fluoride then get mouthwash. Most tooth pastes have fluoride in them. If you are not brushing your teeth, fluoride in the water is not going help. Fluoride carries no health benefits and extreme undue risk.

The California Code of Regulation, Title 22, Section 66261.126, lists 791 chemicals as "Hazardous Waste" 39 of these are fluoride compounds.

Three compounds on the "Hazardous Waste" list are used for water fluoridation.
384a. Hydrofluosilicic Acid (X,C)
384b. Fluosilicic Acid (X,C)
674. Sodium Fluoride ( X )
X = toxic, C = corrosive
I have also included other reasons that I borrowed from:

1) 97% of western Europe has chosen fluoride-free water . This includes: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, and Switzerland. (While some European countries add fluoride to salt, the majority do not.) Thus, rather than mandating fluoride treatment for the whole population, western Europe allows individuals the right to choose, or refuse, fluoride.

2) Fluoride is the only chemical added to drinking water for the purpose of medication (to prevent tooth decay). All other treatment chemicals are added to treat the water (to improve the water’s quality and safety – which fluoride does not do). This is one of the reasons why most of Europe has rejected fluoridation. For instance:

In Germany, "The argumentation of the Federal Ministry of Health against a general permission of fluoridation of drinking water is the problematic nature of compulsion medication."

In Belgium, it is "the fundamental position of the drinking water sector that it is not its task to deliver medicinal treatment to people. This is the sole responsibility of health services."

In Luxembourg, "In our views, drinking water isn’t the suitable way for medicinal treatment and that people needing an addition of fluoride can decide by their own to use the most appropriate way."

3) Contrary to previous belief, fluoride has no benefits when swallowed. When water fluoridation began in the 1940s and ’50s, dentists believed that fluoride needed to be swallowed in order to be most effective. This belief, however, has now been discredited by an extensive body of modern research .

According to the Centers for Disease Control, fluoride’s "predominant effect is post eruptive and topical" . In other words, any benefits that accrue from the use of fluoride, come from the direct application of fluoride to the outside of teeth (after they have erupted into the mouth) and not from ingestion. There is no need, therefore, to expose all other tissues to fluoride by swallowing it.

4) Fluoridated water is no longer recommended for babies. In November of 2006, the American Dental Association (ADA) advised that parents should avoid giving babies fluoridated water. Other dental researchers have made similar recommendations over the past decade .

Babies exposed to fluoride are at high risk of developing dental fluorosis – a permanent tooth defect caused by fluoride damaging the cells which form the teeth . Other tissues in the body are affected by early-life exposures to fluoride. According to a recent review published in the medical journal The Lancet, fluoride may damage the developing brain, causing learning deficits and other problems.

5) There are better ways of delivering fluoride than adding it to water. By adding fluoride to everyone’s tap water, many infants and other at-risk populations will be put in harm’s way. This is not only wrong, it is unnecessary. As there is no way to control or regulate individual dosing by simply adding this to water. As western Europe has demonstrated, there are many equally effective and less-intrusive ways of delivering fluoride to people who actually want it.
Thank you for helping to make sure we have safe water to drink. An article just came out recently stating that Harvard researchers have documented that Fluoride lowers IQ and causes unhealthy cell growth.
Together we can make a difference.

~ Steve

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