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Jeshua Quote Solstice Sunset Meditation

June 20, 2012
solsticeJune 20, 2012
In the days of Jeshua, and even now for many, the Sabbath began at sunset on Fridays. That initiated 24 hours of peace, prayer, and reunion with God.With the Summer Solstice being today, I would encourage you also to connect this evening with millions of other people welcoming the solar high moment of the year. There are some powerful galactic alignments at this time, which makes the event highly significant.

As we join in this very special group meditation let us hold the highest and best thoughts and love for what will unfold in the coming months. This year may present the highest rate of change we have seen in our life time.

Never before have we more needed to receive and give such a high state of love and peace. Let us be joined in heart, mind, and spirit with hands reaching around the world as the sun strikes the horizon wherever we are. Let us envision a transition of only illusionary darkness to be followed by the brightest of days. We wish you all the success in whatever life brings to you.

With love and blessings,


This week’s Quote

“Unity is the presence of God in nature and ongoing creation. The scope of this Presence is beyond human comprehension. Nevertheless, you contribute to unity by being who you are and by mastering what you are given to understand. Man is always shortsighted when it comes to unity. Each person sees himself as an individual with everything else as a supporting backdrop for his story. How different the picture is when every being is viewed as an individual, with unimaginable capacity to impact the lives of others because of the unity that binds.”

— The Keys of Jeshua by Glenda Green, Chapter 24, p. 327

  Focus for Meditation:

 Both the inner and outer of all I am is fulfilled in unity!


 There will be a Blessing this Sunday!   

All are welcome to join in this transmission of Jeshua’s love.

The times are 11 AM HADT, 1 PM PDT, 2


Conference Dial-in: (209) 647-1600 / Conference Code: 537368

If you have not signed up to our blessing list yet, you may want to do that. To be notified weekly through “The Blessing” list, sign up here

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