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Jeshua Quote

May 26, 2012

"You are on a great adventure, and you have traveled far. Love has ventured into remote places so that each soul, through unique experiences, could know itself as an individual and eventually arrive at its fulfillment within the Heart of God. The Creator, in his great wisdom and boundless love, propelled himself AS LOVE into countless dimensions and particles of love, which are his children. As love, you were created in the image of your Source, and each point of consciousness seeks to know itself as I AM. With all journeys, there are surprises and mystery, forgetfulness and awakening, discovery and learning, abandonment and forsaking. As the adventure unfolded and personalities began to emerge with radically different qualities, it seemed that each was not only separate from the others, but from its Source as well. Birthing has been a painful experience for many souls, because the illusion of separation was believed to be real and the comparison of divergent pathways was often used to discriminate, deny, alienate, abuse, and reject. Such diversity has also provided a magnificent symphony of interrelated possibilities."

The Keys of Jeshua by Glenda Green, Chapter 24, p. 325

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