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The Hemp Revolution – YouTube An incredible documentary of a wonderful thing #fb

March 19, 2012

This was incredibly insightful.

Terrifically done.

Astounding about the worth of this plant that needs no pesticides to grow and can grow anywhere.

I do not indulge in this and I can see how there are so many who are helped by it.

I hope it will be made legal soon. There are more who can be helped and many who should be set free from jail for this.

Terrible how this has been so distorted by companies who wanted to destroy this wonderful product and replace it with poison.

It was demonized to create the way for other things which pollute the planet.

Enjoy this wonderful documentary.

Blessings and enjoy

One day soon we will have this wonderful product back in full force.

It makes things that benefit all of us from food to oil to clothing to cars even.

Henry Ford used this to make cars!


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