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Huge victory achieved against GMOs. Monsanto driven out of the UK! #fb

February 3, 2012

MikeAdams.jpgDear NaturalNews readers,

It is with a great sense of victory and inspiration that I bring you today’s extraordinary news: Monsanto has been driven out of the UK thanks to a barrage of consumer protests and media coverage of the dangers of "Frankenstein Foods."

The evil corporation is selling off its GE crop labs across the UK, France, Germany and other countries. It has concluded that introducing GMOs into Europe is "impossible" due to a powerful consumer educational effort and backlash.

Read my full report at:

This is a major victory because it shows that we can achieve victory against Monsanto. All it takes is telling the truth and challenging the quack science lies driving the GMO industry and all its criminal "scientists."

In fact, there’s a huge opportunity coming up in Hawaii to join the anti-GMO protest on February 21st. Here’s the official announcement:

Why isn’t the U.S. press reporting the truth about GMOs? Because people like Bill Gates simply "buy" positive press to push their depopulation agenda. Important report:

Want to help stop GMOs in North America? Visit to watch their short video and sign their petition:

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