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Correction: Honest mistake on reporting GMO victory in UK – here’s the real story (and how it happened)

February 3, 2012


MikeAdams.jpgDear NaturalNews readers,

We have a depressing correction to make this morning. Our "victory against GMOs" story about the UK turns out to be old news rather than good news. We had ran a search for "Monsanto" on the Daily Mail website, and it turned up our source story, dated February 3, 2012. But as it turns out, that was some sort of date glitch on the Daily Mail website, and that article was actually published in 2003!

We have a captured screen shot from the Daily Mail’s own search engine, showing the incorrect date on the article. View it here:

(For those of you in the USA looking at this photo, remember that in the UK, the day and month are reversed, so 03/02 means February 3rd, not March 2nd.)

Monsanto contacted us this morning and insisted they had not retreated from the UK at all, and in fact they had made great strides in the UK and across Europe. We have also since confirmed with Daily Mail that this story is from 2003, not 2012.

So, my friends, I regret to inform you that things are far worse than we had hoped. GMOs have not been defeated in Europe, and our optimism was mistaken. This is a lesson in misplaced optimism, it seems…

I truly regret the confusion this has caused, but of course it was not intentional on our part. We thought we were quoting an article from today, February 3rd, 2012.

On the side of actual good news, it is true that an anti-GMO rally is scheduled for February 21 in Hawaii:

And regardless of the situation in the UK, NaturalNews will continue to fight for food freedom, food safety and the protection of non-GMO crops against what I call "seed imperialism" being conducted by Monsanto and other companies.

We’ve also posted a new video today about new science showing the dangers of GMOs, this is a video of me on the Alex Jones Show recently:

We will continue our grassroots efforts to demand GMO labeling on foods, to protect farmers against GMO crop contamination, to inform consumers about the dangers of GMOs, and to protect the enviornment from the devastating destruction caused by GMOs.

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