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Jeshua Quote

January 21, 2012

The second dimension of intelligence within the heart is Love.

"Love is the power of the universe. Therefore, your greatest defense in life is to protect, honor, and respect love in its many forms. When you maintain this principle with clarity, your life purposes will come into view. This is because all of your purposes are etched in love. Love is beyond just a feeling or an orientation. It is a dimension of intelligence and purposeful living. Above all, it is the essence of beingness. A person who is operating with a commitment to purpose has higher intelligence than one who is not. A person who is operating on his true purpose is then able to assign values to life. The heart’s intelligence is cumulative. Through perceptions of unity, priorities are established. Then love assigns the purposes. Furthermore, love heightens a person’s instinct to nourish, enhance, and apply those purposes. Love is both a way of being and also a pathway for becoming. Love ignites life. Love savors life and sustains faith and hope. Even though life often brings lessons in hard packages, learning happens only when forgiveness has occurred and love is restored. It is love that ignites the learning. Only with love can learning occur. That is how you take something from the school of hard knocks and transmute it into a permanent attainment. You can then say, ‘I don’t have to do this again. I have completed the lesson. I know the meaning behind the experience.’ Love brings certainty to life, and when your love is clear and unpolluted with regrets or false desires, you will have the confidence to live your life with passion. When you are certain of your love, there will be fuel for passion. With passion, there will be fuel for life. Meditate upon love as the power of your beingness and the essence of who you really are. Earnestly apply its principles and you will be successful in love and life."

“Love Without End Jesus Speaks” by Glenda Green, Chapter 7 p. 183-184

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