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Jeshua Quote

January 14, 2012

"Ultimately there is one, infinite, and connected intelligence. That is the one spirit. Perhaps this could be referred to as the great Cosmic Mind, although the term ‘consciousness’ would more accurately describe its function and availability to all of life. A mind, precisely speaking, is composed of at least minimal structure due to circuitry, self-contained integrations, and proprietary applications.
"Only the heart’s simplicity can comprehend infinity and connect heaven with earth in a meaningful way. From a center of equilibrium, much like the hub of a wheel, the heart unfolds its awareness in seven concentric rings of understanding. Each succeeding dimension of intelligence builds upon and completes the one or ones coming before."
The first dimension of intelligence is Unity.
"Where unity is supreme, there is nothing more adaptable than goodness. Just as water seeks its level, so too, goodness seeks its application. God can redirect into some form of goodness even actions that were intended for harm.
"Unity is also the source of intelligence, for it grants the ability to integrate knowledge and to correctly define priorities. That is the beginning of wisdom."

Love Without End Jesus Speaks by Glenda Green, Chapter 7 p. 181-182

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