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A Partridge in a Pear Tree: Holiday Gift Ideas from FTPF

December 10, 2011
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Dear Friend of the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation:
Annalese and Becky Ann showed up at the orchard site ready to work, wearing white sun hats to protect themselves from the glare of what promised to be another warm West Virginia day. With work gloves in hand, they asked how they could help. These sisters, aged 4 and 5 were raring to go! Wielding their small shovels, the girls helped dig the hole for the very first fruit tree they had ever planted in their young lives—a fig. Annalese loves figs, she said. Becky Ann was not so sure because, as she said, “figs are smooshy.” But she did like the idea of planting cherries! They stayed all day, enthusiastically digging and patting down the soil around the young trees that would grow with them, providing fresh fruit for the taking throughout their childhood and beyond. Their community now has a beautiful orchard, located near the playground at a riverside park.

Hopi%20man%281%29.jpgMeanwhile, across the country, kids at the Hopi Junior Senior High School walked home from another day at school. A group cut through the new school orchard. Walking down the long rows of more than 100 trees that they helped to plant, one young fellow checked on the status of a few peaches that he had been watching form. His grandmother told him of how she harvested peaches with her family when she was young, laying them out to dry on their rooftops. Come winter, they would soak the peaches in hot water for a sweet treat. Even though his family no longer grew peaches, he hoped to be able to try this tasty dish with his kids someday, perhaps with peaches from these very trees. This would be an important step in reclaiming his cultural heritage as a proud Hopi farmer.

At the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (FTPF), we work with communities around the world to create fruitful abundance for everyone. Our community and schoolyard orchards provide fresh fruit in communities that sometimes do not have ready access to affordable produce, giving kids the nutrition they need to grow up healthy. And the trees breathe in carbon dioxide, fighting global warming while they grow, providing a cooler future for all children. FTPF is so proud to help young people across the nation feel empowered to plant trees that will green their communities and provide fresh food for generations of kids like them.

The gardening movement is sweeping the world as kids and their families take control of their food security, and FTPF is at the forefront of these exciting efforts. In 2011 alone, FTPF has planted more than 11,000 fruit trees with community groups around the world! We simply could not do this important work without the generous support of people like you. Your donation is critical to the success of our tree planting programs. Will you help FTPF put trees in the ground and food on the table for more families in 2012?

Give the gift of trees, habitat, fruit, and hope!
This holiday season, please consider the following gift ideas that support our groundbreaking work (click on each to donate):

Donation Certificate: Make a donation of as little as $20 and a loved one will receive a lovely card announcing the gift made in their honor. $20.

Organic, eco-friendly FTPF t-shirt: These high quality 4.4-oz fitted tees are printed using water-based ink and come in four colors—making perfect gifts for friends and family, or yourself! $25.

Apple-Tree-to-Be: This lovely little apple tree growing kit is a wonderful gift for kids, as they can plant the seeds of hope and watch their little tree grow with them: $30.

FTPF’s Home Orchard Handbook: Have loved ones who garden? This great new book is the first all organic, vegan guide to planting and caring for a home orchard: $40.

Reservation Preservation: Help FTPF gift two mature fruit trees for a Native American family and we’ll send your loved one a card announcing the gift: $100.

Greening the Schoolyard: Sponsor an irrigation system for a schoolyard orchard: $250.

Warm regards for a wonderful holiday season,

Cem Akin, Executive Director

P.S. Even if you choose not to give gift donations, I urge you to consider a year-end gift to FTPF. As a lean organization, we keep our administration and fundraising expenses to a minimum. More than 91% of our revenues go straight to work planting trees. Please make your tax-deductible donation to FTPF today to help us plant a fruitful tomorrow:

Donations made through this offer are gifts to the mission of FTPF. With the exception of sponsored orchards, valuable organizational resources that can be used to plant more trees are not expended to track individual sponsorship gifts. FTPF will make every effort to allocate your donation dollars within the designated program area. Of course, your donation is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation | P.O. Box 81881 | Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Tel: 831-621-8096 | Fax: 831-621-7978 | info[at] |


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