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Today is “World Toilet Day” for the 2.6 billion people without clean sanitation.

November 20, 2011


Did you know..

40% of the world’s population do not have access to adequate sanitation. That’s 2.6 billion people having to practice open defecation, urinating into rivers which lead to water borne diseases such as acute diarrhea, cholera and dysentery. The last taboo of talking about toilets has to be eradicated in order to give the toilet crisis the warranted attention. Everyone should have the right to have an access to a toilet anytime and anywhere.

November 19th is World Toilet Day. Celebrate this day together with the rest of the world and share your thoughts to give 2.6 billion people a better, more sanitary life.

The World Toilet Organization created WTD to raise global awareness of the need for access to proper, clean sanitation. WTD also brings to the forefront the health, emotional and psychological consequences the poor endure as a result of inadequate sanitation.

Join in the celebrations! Click around and find out how you can be part of World Toilet Day celebrations!

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  1. November 26, 2011 3:13 am

    Thanks for all of your work on this web page. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future.
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