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Jeshua Quote

October 28, 2011

"From your own center, you may view the ever-widening concentric rings of reality, which begin with your personal reality and extend to include the reality of others and the physical universe. This center will be found in stillness, and there, truth will be revealed. This principle is valid subjectively, objectively, and collectively, for it is the nature of truth to clarify through unity. Polarity is actually an illusion. As long as you are convinced that it is real, you will believe all other illusions and miss the truth of existence."

"Truth has no mass and no spatial limitations, but it is far from being ‘nothing’. Truth is a great neutral generative force. It begins with God and extends as love to provide a common and undivided matrix for universal life. The power of truth is carried by love beyond all bounds of time and space. Truth scatters Love, like countless stars, into particles of Being that possess a loving center and a perception of infinity. These are the living souls, which forward the Creator’s work through whatever reality they choose to create. Your experience of reality is a direct result of what you have created, of your relationship to those with whom you co-create, and ultimately your relationship to God. Your experience of truth is through surrender to universal law and to the power of love. Love is the force that integrates truth and reality and is common to both."

The Keys of Jeshua by Glenda Green, Chapter 12 p. 150

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