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Jeshua Quote

September 16, 2011

"The ultimate condition of truth is the point where the inner and the outer are one. No matter how completely you have studied and observed the external factors of a situation, until you have located the internally motivating forces, and their relation to the external, you do not know the complete truth. By corollary, no matter how well you understand the internal; you do not have the complete truth until you also understand its impact upon the external. The universe is implicitly and explicitly of one piece. At the point of perfect stasis between the implicit and the explicit, there is a condition of hypersynchronicity, where matter, energy, space and time move into a ‘no-resistance’ mode of infinite potential. This is not the collapsing of matter. This is the synchronizing of it to a ‘zero point’ of perfect equilibrium."

Love Without End Jesus Speaks by Glenda Green, Chapter 12 p. 296

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