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Good Article on Water

September 9, 2011

Reposted from The Raw Food World Newsletter…

What’s in your Water?, Article by Alara

Please prepare yourself for some humdrum science room facts, which after this brief article, might not seem so blasé.

  • Up to 60% of the adult human body is water
  • Babies are born 78% agua
  • The brain is 70% H2O
  • The lungs are nearly 90% maima
  • Even bone has 22% wakka
  • About 83% of our blood is paani
  • All the cells in our bodies are full of wuha
  • Wasser covers 70.78% of the Earth’s surface
  • Raw fruits and vegetables are 80-98% woda

Regardless of language, the science of life holds constant. Much of what makes up our body, planet, and fresh food is: water — from top to bottom, within and throughout.

Why the science lessen? Recently I completed a book called The True Power of Water by Masaru Emoto. His discovery about water skyrocketed to popularity after being featured in the movie What the Bleep and his NYTimes Bestselling book The Hidden Messages in Water. Basically this inspired scientist found a way to photograph microscopic water crystals. To the naked eye, water looks smooth, quiet and docile; almost invisible, with no shape besides the container it’s in. However, if we look closely enough water has a lot to say – it is one BIG communication. Mr. Emoto was able to unlock the language water speaks so that we can understand its often hidden messages, and from there be able to harness its invisible power to HEAL and affect life. If seeing is believing for you, then read on!

His process was a simple one: 1. Fill an empty bottle with regular distilled water. 2. Write different positive and negative words such as grace, harmony, love…hate, ugly, and anxiety on individual pieces of transparent paper. 3. Tape the words onto different full bottles – one word per bottle. 4. Leave them overnight and photograph in the morning.

The results speak for themselves.

The 1st photo was the phrase “You make me sick”.

The 2nd photo is “Love for Humanity”.

What are the implications to this discovery? My mind reeled! And Mr. Emoto had photographs to validate my hopes!

  • Can we affect the earth’s contaminated water supply?
  • Could the power of prayer actually be supported by science?
  • Could our mind’s constant chatterings contribute to dis-ease in our body?
  • Do our words and thoughts have a measureable physical affect on others?
  • Can beautifully loved water heal what pains us?
Polluted Lake Water

Before Prayer After Prayer

Perhaps do a test for yourself. Sit in a room and turn on some music – a classical piece like Fur Elise and then something vastly different like heavy metal. Pay attention to how your body feels. Regardless of whether you enjoy a certain type of music, something in the body reacts, vibrates, experiences a difference! What is doing that?? Could it be our body’s 60% water? Are we that responsive? Have someone YELL horrible things at you, and then whisper sweet nothings and authentic compliments and gratitude. What is it inside us that changes and has us experience a different feeling?

Heavy Metal Music Mozart Music

Going one HUGE yet logical step further, what about the Law of Attraction? It has always seemed rather fluffy and more on the ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ level of importance to me. That is, until Mr. Emoto explained an elementary law of science.

Say we have three tuning forks. Forks 1 and 2 have a frequency of 440 Hz (vibrations per second), and Fork 3 of 442 Hz. If you hit Fork 1 with a rubber hammer, Fork 2, which has the same frequency, will immediately and automatically give off a sound, but Fork 3 won’t.

Hmmm…that’s interesting, but wait there’s more! Forks 1 and 2 have the frequency of 440 Hz, which means that the sound they give off is a C Major. If you play the notes B, A, D#, G, etc. forks 1 and 2 will not resonate; they only vibrate to precisely the sound of C.

In summary:
When two things have the same frequency, they resonate with each other.

Okay, here is the bridge. Ready?

The Law of Attraction is simply defined as “Like attracts like”.

Why do some people attract kind, responsible, generous partners while others of us consistently attract inauthentic, selfish, argumentative connections? Let’s say our internal water is set to vibrate for “I am not enough” “I’m bad and wrong” “Nothing ever works out”. When our perfectly matched ‘tuning fork of a person’ comes around we will likely sing inside. We assume it’s the stirrings of our heart, pointing us in the direction of true love. When really, is it simply 3rd grade science? Is that individual or circumstance merely the mirror of our insides? Or perhaps the individual is fun and caring at the start, but over time we turn that prince charming into a frog because of our inner vibrations.

If we are not liking the results, perhaps we need to create a new mating call! Could our life results be a matter of choice and focus? We all have the same menu from the Universe, the same 24 hours in a day. What and Whom are you attracting?

I’m not a fan of fake thinking, but I have noticed that a slight change in focus can present an entirely new perspective and create a desirable vibration. Must we focus on sagging breasts or receding hair lines? Can’t we just as easily compliment the calming elegance of age, or the soft texture of our body’s hair? Do we stare at the cracks in the wall or the beautiful view out the window? Do we focus on someone’s shortcomings or appreciate when they are a hero for us? Whatever route we choose, the water in us and the water in them, changes.

On a personal note: My husband and I drive to work together, and every morning we give the gift a few verbal appreciations to each other. I believe this is one main reason we are able to maintain our “love bubble” of bliss.

Now because this is meant to be a short article, let us take a rather abrupt curve to ponder water’s ability to heal. Water carries information. The information can be positive or negative. Since we are water, our body surely responds to the information carried by the water we drink. Could water be effective in treating dis-ease in the body?

Water has the suitable shape to carry various kinds of information. It can get into anywhere to deliver the information. …water, then, is capable of carrying hado to the inside of miniscule subatomic particles, whereas the drugs used in Western medicine reach only the cellular level that causes the symptoms. This is the limitation of Western medicine.

Mr. Emoto and a group of practitioners do offer treatment which consists of testing the current vibration of water in an individual’s body and counter-acting that with uniquely ‘prescribed’ water signatures. The results appear undeniable and seem to me terrifically hopeful for treating dis-ease. If you are interested in creating your own loving water, here is Mr. Emoto’s suggestion for that process:

I recommend that you write words on paper and paste it to the container with the words facing in so that the water inside can read them. Additionally, talk to the water from time to time and occasionally shake the bottle, which helps to activate the water and contributes to the vibrations.

By just doing these things, you can make your own personalized hado water. I suggest you drink five glasses of this water every day.

Being one who LOVES efficiency I tend toward [Bulk] Labeling. Picture a refrigerator with HUGE words on the outside and inscribed poster board on the inside panels so the water in the food can read it. Picture a five gallon water jug pasted with positive words at work and at home for many to enjoy. Envision your baby toddling around in clothing inscribed with the words “Happy”, “Loved”, “Thank You” and “Beautiful”. What about these same words on your clothes? How about resting your head on a pillowcase, which all night long vibrated the energy of “Peace” and “Delight” into your very thoughts? And being someone who does not have the capacity to figure out what vibration is truly best for all known and unknown variables, I add to anything I label the phrase: “Or something even better”.

So next time you feel like saying something rather ungenerous, ask yourself, "would I want 60% of my body or their body looking like this?" And lest we think that a negative thought toward another has no effect on us, perhaps that is worth rethinking…

Next time you prepare food, pause to notice if you are thinking: “looks delicious,” “smells good”, and “can’t wait to eat with everyone else”. Or are your thoughts more like: “frustrated”, “tired”, and “why do I have to make such a troublesome dish when I don’t have time?” What does the result of your culinary preparations actually look like?

Taste aside, I know which one I’d rather consume!

We are powerful creators — superheroes who have gotten lost in our human identity.

What we think, do and say ripples out into the world.

Enough said.

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