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Jeshua Quote

August 27, 2011

"Consciousness is considerably more than wakeful perception or inherent awareness. Consciousness is the integration of perception, experience, knowledge, and aspiration to create a parable or analogy of life. These models of awareness support further thought to formulate intentional experience. Regardless of whether the object of consciousness is personal happiness or scientific precision, the process is the same. A meaningful story is a parable, and so is algebra! Both are models of awareness and refinements of belief, reconciled with truth and practical evidence. Without faith, however, such reconciliation could only occur through hindsight, and all advancement would be stifled.

"Courage is the heartbeat of consciousness and fear its mortal enemy. What you will not face will elude you, or else it will erode or corrupt some part of your life in unsuspecting ways. Consciousness is the light of the soul. Therefore, darkness will avoid it or dwell in the shadow of some external light. It takes great courage to be a light in the world and great faith to know that one ray of light may turn a darkened room into one that is safe to enter. I came to the world to empower faith and unleash a new dimension of consciousness not seen before."

The Keys of Jeshua by Glenda Green, Chapter 3 p. 26

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