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Latest breaking news on Rawesome Food raids: Theft of cash, licensing questions and more

August 8, 2011


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MikeAdams.jpgDear NaturalNews readers,

I’ve spent the entire weekend engaged in investigative journalism on the Rawesome Foods raid, and we’ve turned up some hard-hitting breaking news on the case:

First, we have the breaking news story on the eyewitness account of government agents stealing $9,000 in cash from James Stewart after they put him in handcuffs:

Next, I published a very important piece about civil rights and why Rawesome Foods is a private buyer’s club that does not need a government license to distribute food to its members:

I interviewed Gary Cox, an attorney at the Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, who explains the laws and the fundamental legal rights of individuals to enter into cow share, goat share or "farm share" contracts:

I also interviewed Lela Buttery from the front lines of the Rawesome Foods raid, and she gives a detailed account of what really happened:

If you’re playing catch up on this issue, here’s an overview of the top videos to watch, which will show you what’s going on (see the protests yourself):

You can also hear several of my audio interviews on this topic at:

By the way, we have more breaking news coming out on this case, including a story about the old media blackout on this story, and we also plan to publish the names of the government tyrants who masterminded this entire operation!

Watch for those stories this week at, where we are the #1 source breaking this story across the globe. Nobody has provided coverage of this issue that comes even close to the stories, interviews and videos we’re putting out on this, so thank you for your support!

Full list of stories below…

James-Stewart-Raw-Milk.jpg The best Rawesome Foods videos: Mark McAfee, Lela Buttery, Alex Jones, Troy Casey, Robert Scott Bell and more
(NaturalNews) Here’s a collection of the best videos we’ve posted so far on the Rawesome Foods raid.
cashcow.jpg Government agents stole $9,000 in cash during Rawesome Foods raid, says witness
(NaturalNews) A witness on the scene during the Rawesome Foods raid has publicly stated that an agent of the Specialized Surveillance & Enforcement Bureau of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health stole…
pouring-milk.jpg Interview with Gary Cox, Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, about Rawesome Foods raid
(NaturalNews) I’ve just completed an interview with Gary Cox, an attorney with the Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (, which provides legal assistance to help protect raw dairy farmers from overzealous government attacks on their freedom…
FoodCo-oop-RaidFootage.jpg Setting the record straight: Why Rawesome Foods does not need a license – a Civil Rights issue
(NaturalNews) There’s a tremendous amount of disinformation being put out on the internet about the Rawesome Foods raid, even by people who should know better. The most common complaint against Rawesome Foods is: Why don’t they get licensed? The answer…
Lela_Buttery.jpg Interview: Lela Buttery speaks out from the front lines of the Rawesome Foods raid
(NaturalNews) In the aftermath of the Rawesome Foods raid on August 3rd (, Lela Buttery is speaking out about what happened at the raid and in the following hours and days at the LA County…
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