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I will be speaking at WESAK in May #fb

March 31, 2011

Dear Friends & Family,

I am honored to be a speaker at this year’s WESAK in MAY. Please TWEET & FACEBOOK if so inclined in your Heart! A significant portion of profits go to Meals on Wheels, which needs to raise $36K for the Mt. Shasta area to offer a 5 day per week service.

Also, see attachments.

Sacred Steve

PS. If you choose to purchase a ticket, please use my affiliate link:

And FYI we just got the astrology:

Alison Chester-Lambert <>
There is a very special planetary alignment happening that weekend. Jupiter, Mercury, Venus are all together in the sky, with Mars very close too. This incredibly favorable. Each day, these 4 planets will rise before the Sun, looking like 4 diamonds in the sky. Also Neptune will have just moved into his own mysterious sign of Pisces. First time back into his own waters in over 100 years. These are truly some of the most benevolent and spiritually uplifting energies I have ever seen!”


The weekend of the 13th -15th May is a very special one for our Planet. For that weekend, 3 planets are together in the sky in an alignment that hasn’t happened for very many years, perhaps decades. Jupiter, Mercury and Venus will rise before the Sun each morning, looking like 3 diamonds clustered together in the sky. Mars is also very close and will add his red light to the trio. This is a very special omen of hope, joy and love which will communicate itself to those who are close to the sky and focussed on their beautiful presence. Also Neptune will just have moved to that part of the sky which is called Pisces, a return to his own energy after over 100 years. This will heighten feelings of spiritual compassion and fusion with Divine love. The Wesak Festival is truly blessed.

Alison Chester-Lambert, astrologer and author.


Rare Planetary Alignment.doc

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