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Spirit of Feng Shui Spring Equinox

March 21, 2011

Happy Spring Equinox, March 20th. A time of new growth and expansion. In Feng Shui this is the season of Chen (Family) and Shun (Wealth). The element is Wood. Chen refers to mother/father – who gave us birth (and to our siblings). This birth theme is reflected in various celebrations such as Easter and the power of the Resurrection – new life. Chen represents our ability to initiate and begin again. The color is green. Shun symbolizes wealth and represents our ability to open to abundance and prosperity. Purple is the Shun color.

Do you wake up feeling energetic, enthusiastic and optimistic, eager to engage this Spring energy of growth, expansion and to welcome prosperity? Or do you have a hard time getting going, feel sluggish and overwhelmed at home or work? If you need some help, this is the season to deal with clutter. Spring cleaning is a common practice of refreshing and freshening our spaces. Just as excessive weeds in the garden can limit new growth, consider that clutter may be interfering with your full potential for growth.

Feng Shui is all about “energy”. Imagine that there is a thread of energy that connects you to everything in your space. Wikipedia defines clutter as “excessive physical disorder”. Feng Shui defines clutter as “stuck or stagnant energy”. My favorite definition of clutter is “things you do not use, need or love”.

When I first arrive at client’s homes/businesses,I look to see where the major clutter zones are located. This gives me a clue to their current challenges. For example, severe clutter in the garage located in the wealth area, can affect financial flow. This is also true in other areas such as relationships or health. Therefore, tackling clutter in e.g. your wealth areas (far left area from entrance) could help with cash flow.

I recently downsized my home office and also cleared about 60 potted plants off our patio decks. Perhaps my de-clutter process might assist you.

1. Do I use it?

The telephone, laptop, printer easily fit into the “I use it” category. But do I need more than a half dozen favorite pens in my desk? What about the Feng shui handout files that I no longer use? I reduced over 200 books down to 25. Keep those things you use regularly.

2. Do I need it?

This is a tricky one for those of us with “just in case-itis”. I kept 3 assorted sized empty binders and 12 file folders. I filled three boxes with those “just in case” office supplies and gave them away. Be realistic about what you really need: donate the rest.

3. Do I love it?

This question really helped in the garden. There’s a rose bush that season after season has NEVER bloomed – it’s finally gone. The “do I love it” is a good guide to help you decide what to keep and what to let go. Surround yourself with things you love.

4. Energy Check

With objects, pick it up and do an energy check. “Does this lift me up (i.e. makes me feel good) OR does it bring me down? Eliminate from your space, things that drag you down.

5. A Place for Everything and Everything In Its Place

This is a fundamental organizing principal. Having downsized my office, there was a lot “more stuff” that now did not have “a place”. I needed to ruthlessly apply the do I need, use or love it reality check to de-clutter and find a place for everything. Do youhave a “place” for everything including your cell/i-phone, car keys? Make a habit of putting things back in their place.

6. Mental/Emotional Clutter

Did you ever consider that certain thoughts and feelings could be clutter? For me, fear, worry and anxiety are like clutter in that it keeps me from feeling clear and focused. I have several relatives who live in Sendai – the area most severely affected by the Japan earthquake/tsunami. I wondered every day, if they were all washed away or under the rubble of houses. Each day, I had a CHOICE: contribute to the world anxiety, fear and worry by adding my own worries and fears. Or, I could broadcast more hope and light from the place of the compassionate heart to my heritage, the Japanese people. On Day 5, I finally made telephone contact with my Sendai relatives – a joyful reunion of the heart. They were all OK!

Negative thoughts and feelings are rarely useful. We certainly don’t need them. They are often toxic to us and to the environment. And it does not promote love.

7. Clearing Help

For help with your physical space, consider hiring a Professional Organizer. A great resource is a book authored by several professionals. It includes strategies for organizing everything from your kitchen, closet, garage to office and more. “Get Organized Today”.

At this time of Spring Equinox rejoice in the capacity of Mother Earth to renew Herself. And let’s contribute to reducing the fear that’s out there in the world by radiating more Light and more Love – the most powerful tools for self-renewal and transformation.

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