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Radioactive Fallout Fear Recommendations #fb

March 19, 2011

Good Info here…

There is a whole lot of panic and nonsense about iodine circulating about. I’ve heard from people who have been told by people working in health food stores that although they’re out of iodine tablets, seaweed will work just as well. All you have to do is eat 5-10 sheets of nori seaweed and it will protect you just as well as the tablets since nori is high in iodine. Utter piffle! There’s about 16 micrograms of iodine in a sheet of nori. That means you would have to eat approximately 8,000 sheets of seaweed in one sitting to get an effective prophylactic dose of iodine. Let’s get real here. Also, if you’re over 40, extra iodine probably isn’t going to do anything for you anyway. The younger you are, the more at risk you are. Also, taking a prophylactic dose too soon isn’t going to help since iodine clears the thyroid in about 24 hours. But most important of all, the odds are extremely low that radioactive iodine is going to be the biggest problem you face outside of Japan, even if the reactor’s containment dome does blow. Your biggest concern is probably cesium, which can hang around for a couple of hundred years and make its way into the food supply. It has a strong affinity for bones and will ultimately cause bone cancer. And iodine offers zero protection from radioactive cesium.

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