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MOX fuel rod facts #fb

March 17, 2011

Radioactive Fallout? Meltdown? – Answers to your e-mails

A HUGE explosion blew off the roof and walls ofJapan’s quake-hitFukushimaNo. 1 nuclear plantA partial meltdown occurred. The exploded nuclear plant in Japan uses a MOX fuel, which is a reprocessed plutonium and uranium oxide (pluthermal) that is millions of times more toxic than uranium or Chernobyl’s meltdown. And, potassium iodide or seaweed extracts cannot remedy MOX exposures. Many say that they have been attempting to cool the reactors with salt water and secretly dumping the radioactive water back into the ocean so it could potentially hit many shorelines with radioactive mists. In the USA, there are over 100 Nuclear power plants and experts say they are not regulated for safety with many in poor condition or that may contain MOX. MOX fuel emits higher gamma radiation and much higher neutron radiation than uranium fuel. Read these 2 links to learn more:

There is nothing more toxic than MOX as it emits high-energy alpha radiation with intense ionization power that burns the lungs, skin, unravels DNA and diminishes afferent neuron sensitivity to disable the body’s inner physician. Ionizing radiation consists of electromagnetic waves that detach electrons from atoms or molecules producing intense oxidative stress or free radical pathology. When inhaled, it has a long half-life, staying in the body while emitting alpha radiation. It enters the bones, blood circulation, liver and genitals where it is enriched. The DNA and cell nucleus damage escalates over time as the longer it stays in the body the faster it enriches itself. Scientists and physicians present the facts and the evidence against MOX @ In a recent DISCOVER, scientists state that prevailing winds across the Pacific push thousands of tons of contaminants from China and Japan toward the USAeach year. We can expect MOX and Plutonium to come into the USA. The article states: "When wind and weather conditions are right they right North American within days." We have a protocol for doctors who are professional registered members of QuantaFoods Association @ LINK

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