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Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown HEALTH ADVISORY by David Wolfe–REPLY from USAF Nuclear Medical Science Officer #fb

March 16, 2011

Hi Steven-

It’s Tiffany from Vegas. The below e-mail has done far more harm than good by spreading panic, misinformation and what I recognize as David Wolfe’s lack of radiation understanding. I do appreciate his concern and basic desire to help.

First, there are numerous informative websites with free information from nuclear and health physicists in the U.S. wholeheartedly monitoring the situation in Japan and dedicated to disseminating accurate information. To say the U.S. is "covering this up" promotes fear and is incorrect. I work hand in hand with government and university-employed nuclear health physicists who are by no means "evil scientists" and, who have a sincere calling and desire for public safety and health.

It should be noted that David Wolfe is not a radiation expert, and that radiation is a scary, mysterious field and abstract concept to the layman. For instance, did you know that Hostess Twinkies would be a better shield for neutron radiation than lead? This is because hydrogen (and Twinkies have hydrogenated oil) "catch" neutrons more readily than larger lead atoms. My point is the regular rules don’t apply when it comes to radiation, and incorrect information or half-truths can be misleading and panic inducing.

Radioactive iodine is only ONE product of fission in a nuclear reactor, and has a short half life (8 days). Taking iodine will ONLY protect the thyroid gland, not any other organ, and will not stop radioactive Iodine from entering the system.

When it comes to radiation, instead of mushroom picking (unless it takes you far from the radiation source) or nutritional supplementation, I HIGHLY recommend reading up on types of radiation, shielding and sheltering in place. The CDC website is an excellent start:

Again, radiation is a different animal- nutrition doesn’t stop a neutron or gamma ray from cellular disruption, and in fact, nutrition may hurt in the event of a nuclear emergency (as witnessed by the food, dairy and water contamination of Chernobyl)

TIME, DISTANCE AND SHIELDING (and accurate information- not panic) are the proven keys to radiation protection.

Because the situation at the Fukushima nuclear plant is changing moment to moment, any plume model on radiation reaching the U.S. will be inaccurate until more is learned about the containment- I would like to know if Wolfe is willing to bet his fortune that radiation WILL be falling in the U.S. on March 22nd? If so, please tell him to contact me.

Other solid (and interesting!) radiation info sites: (to be in the know on U.S. government nuclear policy)

There are plenty of opinion sites as well, both pro- and anti-government and pro- and anti-nuclear energy


Tiffany Tatum

USAF Nuclear Medical Science Officer

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  1. suzann permalink
    March 21, 2011 4:39 pm

    I’d appreciate any info you have about this sent to me by Dyal Kaur. Is cesium the problem or actual radiation? And does cesium affect food?

    People have sent me absolutely countless emails about potassium iodide to prevent uptake of radioactive iodine. On the assumption that repetition may be useful, let me begin by saying that while this information is accurate, what was released from the Fukushima reactor was radioactive cesium. Trace amounts of radioactive iodine were found very close to the reactor itself but for the moment, the issue is cesium, not iodine.

    So, we are not talking thyroid but muscles and the reproductive system and eventually the liver and kidneys and ultimately everywhere but the thyroid is not the primary focus of attention. Cesium is very different from iodine. It explodes on contact with moisture. So, the first preventative measure, in the event of fallout, is to stay indoors and the second is to wear a wet face mask when going out.

    When the fires were raging in Los Alamos, the air was heavy. I vividly remember one experience. My car was in the garage. I got into it with the garage door still closed, opened the door before starting the engine. I was able to park about 10-12 feet from the door to the bank but the tiny exposure to outside air at that time was immediately weakening. Now, however, we have a type of radioactivity that will be more subtle and depending on the exact type of cesium, the half life and then the half life of the half life and so on and so forth will haunt us for several generations to come. I hope this is the end of the nuclear age and the dawn of sanity!

    In any event, what we can do to protect ourselves is to make sure we have all the nutrients needed by the body, especially potassium.

    In order to move beyond quick fix media hype and into a deeper appreciation of what preparatory and preventative measures are adequate, we need to separate a few issues. The first is to become totally clear about what is being released and how the body views that substance. As I said, cesium will be treated by the body as if it were potassium so a potassium deficiency would tend to make one more receptive to radioactive hazards posed by cesium. The first step is therefore to correct any deficiencies by ingesting adequate amounts of potassium.

    How would you know if you are potassium deficient? Well, since the sodium-potassium balance affects electrolytes, a deficiency would, among other things, cause slow responses. Early warning signs would also include dry skin and some muscle weakness. Since potassium is abundant, deficiencies are usually caused by fluid loss, such as excessive use of diuretics. Hyperthyroidism could also contribute to potassium deficiencies and thus we really want to look hard at conventional wisdom and consider what exactly might happen if all the extra iodine people are now taking results in overstimulation of the thyroid at the expense of what is the real risk.

    There are other nuances so these example are illustrative and not intended to be comprehensive. However, one word for those in Hawaii who are sending more emails than others at the moment, and this is that potassium regulation is affected by magnesium. Since Hawaiian islands tend to be critically low in magnesium — due to the particular composition of the volcanic material — people in Hawaii should pay extra attention to any symptoms of magnesium deficiency such as spasms. High on the list of recommended foods are sunflower seeds as they provide great sources of both potassium and magnesium. Pumpkin seeds are also superb. Leafy green vegetables and black beans are excellent as well.

    The real issue, however, is maverick electrons. This is what sets off the chain reactions that lead to tissue damage and degeneration. So, we need radioprotective supplements, like Chyawanprash or other good antioxidants and free radical scavengers. Pacifi Ka has Gingko biloba as the main radioprotective herb and beets to help with free radical scavenging. In addition, it offers protection to the reproductive system and bone marrow, the parts of the body most likely to be impacted. It is mucilaginous to help with bonding with radioactive particulates so that they can be removed. The mucilage also protects tissues from dryness and damage due to lack of viscosity. It has a tiny amount of carminative herbs to help with assimilation and nausea. It has yarrow for its subtle effects on the aura and rebalancing and liver protective bupleurum.

    Thank you for your comments,

  2. April 2, 2013 3:19 pm

    I really like what you guys are up too.
    Such clever work and exposure! Keep up the excellent works guys I’ve included you guys to my personal blogroll.

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