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Jeshua Quote #fb

March 13, 2011

"Your soul’s purpose is to be the love that you are! You move toward this ultimate state of being by facilitating the purposes of life as they are presented to you. Purposes are indigenous to life, and all of life carries within it the purposes of its origin. When you can observe and respect this in others, you can find it in yourself. As you honor the power of purpose, that power will honor you. It will bring you into the highest knowledge of yourself that is possible. It works like this. As you serve the purposes of life, you build character. Then, layer by layer, as your character grows, it gives evidence of the deep invisible potential stored within your being. Character is the summation of your personal history and experience as it conforms to a central purpose that you could not have seen in the beginning. That purpose is not visible until it is manifested through service. Purpose refines and directs your contribution to life."

The Keys of Jeshua by Glenda Green, Chapter 19 p. 239

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