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Jeshua Quote #fb

January 7, 2011

"Life is love in action. It is the hope of life to have meaningful experience, happiness, fulfillment, and continuity. Life has indwelling intelligence. Follow life, serve the living, and fulfill your love by following the pathways that life is revealing to you. There is great wisdom in that simple process. This is why I told my disciples to follow life and let the dead bury the dead. Dwelling on old mistakes is very costly. Life and the living will light your way and unfold your future. Instead of watching life through a rear view mirror, look before you and behold the current possibilities with innocent perception. In practicing this, you will cultivate the inborn intelligence of how life works and how the love that you are can foster better involvements with it. Forgive yourself and others, for yesterday has already been lived. That is what I meant by ‘the dead.’ Be here now and face the path in front of you, for that is where life is."

Love Without End Jesus Speaks by Glenda Green, Chapter 7 p. 184

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