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Jeshua Quote #fb

December 10, 2010

"The power of love is that it commands the zero point where time and space become one, in the eternity of divine energy and divine awareness. At this holy zero point, God is both the bird and the breeze, the trees and the land, the boat and the river, the lamb and the lion. Whenever you live within the power of your own love, you also experience that zero point, and resistance falls away. There, in the Holy Now, all duality is resolved into the miracle of paradox. By giving, you receive. By releasing, you attain. By forgiving, you are forgiven. By doing nothing, all is done. By surrendering, all is conquered. This only happens in the presence of love. That is why, if you give without love, you have wasted the gift. The mystery and miracle of love is that it can turn any set of opposites into a living dynamic paradox. For example, an illness of the body can bring a healing to the soul. Or financial loss could become a catalyst for new life and vision."

–“Love Without End Jesus Speaks” by Glenda Green chap 15, pg 408

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