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Jeshua Quote #fb

September 20, 2010

"Like love, spirit has no opposites. Nevertheless, lower levels of consciousness, being attuned to mortal existence, will often look up to spirit as a remote state of peacefulness, harmony and resolve existing above the solidification of matter. It can appear that physical matter is the opposite of spirit. This is the logic that has led many to believe in the separation of spirit and substance. If mankind were destined to know only a lower level of sentience, this line of reasoning would be inescapable. Fortunately you are not limited to that. The way has been given for ascending to higher levels of life and knowing. In teaching you about the Sacred Heart and its higher intelligence, I am giving you a map to begin this upward journey. The Sacred Heart is the center of your soul. And now I reveal a secret to you: every being – whether it is the Divine Being, the being of the universe, or a human being – is a ‘being’ because it has a center from which to view ‘the whole’. There is a unique quality to the exact center point of any whole that is like a wheel or sphere-it is the only part that influences all other parts equally in all ways, and yet is itself innocent and immovable. The center is that which is ‘sacred’."

“The Keys of Jeshua” by Glenda Green, Chapter 8 p. 96

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