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Jeshua Quote #fb

August 13, 2010

"By grace, you are given the freedom to know and return to a state of wholeness and remember your original incentives and aspirations for entering the realm of experience. Each dimension of consciousness is propelled by a certain aspiration. Whenever your heart remembers the true aspiration, you are delivered from delusion and set back on the path toward fulfillment. Your life is elevated above the dramas of the world and your authority is reclaimed over the experiences you are having, even though you may choose to continue. You also have the authority in your heart to know when you are complete. Living by the sacred aspirations is a simple path since they are uncomplicated in their processes. Regardless of the time involved, these keys to the kingdom will take you home."

“The Keys of Jeshua” by Glenda Green, Chapter 22, p. 291

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