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Jeshua Quote #fb

July 24, 2010

"The soul’s growth is entwined with experience, but it is fulfilled through understanding the nature of experience. The soul’s growth is uncontrived, innately intelligent, and purposeful. It unfolds in a way that is right for each person’s nature and potential. Therefore, it would be foolish to think that you can attain your fulfillment with an external plan or with predictions of what will happen next. You can only be certain of the present moment. When you are genuinely engaged with your experience, the next unfoldment will happen in natural order. This is not irresponsibility or passivity. As life unfolds, you may always select the way you experience it. You are now invited to partake of an even greater mystery – the realization that you attain your fulfillment not by directing it, but by BEING IT. The perfect coordination of your life with God’s will is revealed only through complete IMMERSION into the power of Spirit. This is the true initiation of Baptism."

“The Keys of Jeshua” by Glenda Green, Chapter 18, p. 231

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