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The Power of Sacred Prayer

July 9, 2010
The Gulf Needs You
The Gulf Call to Sacred Action
sponsored by Evolutionary Leaders: In Service to Conscious Evolution
Dear Friends,

Thank you for registering for The Gulf Call to Sacred Action. On Tuesday, we had our second call — The Power of Sacred Prayer. As Gandhi once said, "Prayer is the most potent instrument of action." Our guests Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith, James O’Dea and Joan Borysenko definitely proved this on our call.

The call recording is available for playback here. You may also listen to the recording over the phone at 712-432-1085 (long distance charges do apply). You can also find the prayers offered by Reverend Michael Beckwith and James O’Dea on our website.

To seal in the power of intention and prayer we’ve explored on our last two calls, we invite you to join us in a daily practice.

  • Every day, please come on to our website at 9:55 AM Pacific/12:55 PM Eastern/7:55 PM UK Time to read one of the provided prayers or say one of your own.
  • At 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern/8 PM UK time every day, send the following intention, "My intention is for BP’s engineers to immediately and successfully divert the Deepwater Horizon oil leak with no long-term damage to the environment." As you send this intention, please mentally imagine the relief wells being successfully dripped and the sea and marine life being restored. Imagine with all your five senses in great detail. Take a moment to feel the palpable sense of unity with other intenders around the world. Feel free to use the Lynne McTaggart’s intention experiment video guide.

Please share this initiative with everyone you know. Invite them to sign up for the call information and access to our archive and resources by going to

Our next call — The Heart of Sacred Activism

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