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I thought these tips by Angela Stokes-Monarch are excellent #fb

June 29, 2010

10 Tips for Choosing a ‘Drama-Free’ Life 😉

In Mr. M’s last newsletter, he mentioned that he feels I live a ‘Drama-Free’ life and enjoys being around that energy…in response to this, I received many emails from people interested to know how to create a life less ‘dramatic’ for themselves too… 😉
So, I thought it might be useful this week to share ten of the tools and resources that have been the most useful in *my* life to help me stay centred in a space of love:

*Non-Violent Communication – this fabulous book, by Marshall Rosenburg, helped me *enormously* to learn to communicate clearly and honestly with others, with compassion, co-operation and love.

*Serenity prayer "Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.": Repeat in challenging times to help ease impact… 😉

*Don’t argue with reality, dance with it – as Byron Katie states, "When I argue with reality, I lose, but only 100% of the time." If things don’t seem to be going in the direction you’d love, find creative ways to shimmy around the situation and dance on…it is what it is…now dance 😉

*Don’t take anything personally – kudos to Don Miguel Ruiz for this gem…recognising

the pain in another being, rather than taking any apparent ‘attacks’ personally, can really help ease tension and nurture compassion.

*Every moment is a choice – recognise that your action or reaction in every moment is a choice – you get to choose whether you freak out, cry or giggle – it’s your call, every time and you can CHOOSE to flow with the cosmic giggle if you desire…

*Focus on the POSITIVE 🙂 – what you focus on expands, so speak, think and share in positive terms…step away from ‘negative’ communication flow/gossip, do not feed other peoples’ ‘drama’ stories and watch your reality transform as you exude and experience more positive spirals instead.

*Deeeeeep Breathing – in any challenging situation, breathing deeeeeeeep is *always* my first route to serenity…it’s free, simple and offers at least a little relief, instantly…

*Compassion and Love – some people might seem very challenging to be around – they can almost certainly use some more compassion and love. When around people like this, hold your heart open wide, listen well and perhaps visualise them as a hurt five-year old child looking for love. You may find it easier to minimise seeing people like this in person and instead sending them love, light and healing energy from afar.

*Meditation – daily meditation practice, even for just 5-10mins a day, has helped me greatly to settle into a calmer way of life, connect more easily to the source within and relax.

*Inspiring Positive Resources – connect with ‘positive’ people, disconnect from ‘mainstream’ media and immerse yourself in uplifting, inspiring resources such as books, videos, DVDs, CDs etc that offer wonderful visions – e.g. the message of shaman "Little Grandmother", the "Anastasia" books and the film "The Green Beautiful".

Now, I certainly wouldn’t state that my life is 100% ‘drama-free’ – I have challenges and concerns here and there, like most people… 😉 However, I do not seek out drama/gossip/confrontations with others and if situations arise, I do my best to handle them with compassion and love, using the kinds of tools and ideas mentioned here.
As those of you who have read my books may recall, my life was very different pr

e-raw. My ‘fuse’ was very short, I was irritated by just about anyone and anything, had a very ‘negative’ outlook on life, swore a lot, drank a lot and was filled with an underlying rage. Phew…glad that’s all behind me now 😉
There are also many more tools, people and ideas that have helped me over the years to find and stay in a place of love…my book "Raw Emotions" contains masses of information on these topics, if you’d care to explore more…for today, I just shared the first ten ideas that came to mind on this topic, in no particular order – I hope something in here resonated for you and I wish you all the very best with choosing drama-free paths, if that is your desire… 😉

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