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Jeshua Quote #fb

June 18, 2010

"Be patient with yourself and others. Your understanding of will is sure to progress as you move forward in your sensitivity and understanding of life. Initially everyone sees will as the pushing and efforting of ego as it attempts to make oneself, others, and reality conform to how you think it should be. In doing so, one attaches will to personality and the projection one has about life. This is false will. False will does not support your fulfillment, or even your survival for that matter, because it has a particular attraction for conflict. False will leads to depletion and emptiness. It leaves you feeling like something is missing, that you have no inner support or capacity to persevere. As you move through life, the essential will comes more clearly into view. Essential will is the power that has actually supported you and carried you to where you are. That power has allowed you to survive and thrive no matter what your condition. Unlike false will, the essential will is felt as a sense of inner support that brings personal confidence and higher guidance. The best way I can describe essential will is the feeling of ‘going with the flow’ of one’s BEING."

The Keys of Jeshua by Glenda Green, Chapter 11, p. 134

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