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strawberries MUST BE ORGANIC…. #fb

June 3, 2010

Dear fellow Californians:

I just read an article on the SF Gate (San Francisco Chronicle) website which has me very concerned, and I thought you would want to know about it, too.

Our state’s Department of Pesticide Regulation is set to allow the use of highly toxic methyl iodide on fields where strawberries are grown unless there is a serious public outcry. According to the article ( ) chemists don’t even want to touch this pesticide. Yes, it is that toxic!

If you are concerned, and would like to join me in signing a petition on this matter, please check out the Pesticide Action Network: They are a San Francisco-based non-profit whose mission is to work to replace the use of hazardous pesticides with ecologically sound and socially just alternatives.

I realize that you may buy and eat organic strawberries, when possible. Those of us who can are fortunate to be able to afford them. But please think about the farm workers who apply this stuff, the field hands who pick the fruit, the groundwater that we all drink which will be affected, not to mention the many Californians who will eat this contaminated fruit because they either do not know about methyl iodide or cannot afford to buy organic. Let’s speak up for them–for all of us–before it’s too late.

Thanks for your consideration, and do pass this along to others who may be interested.

Steve Adler

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