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Jeshua Quote

October 18, 2015

"Nothing is impossible. Indeed, all things are possible when you know yourself. If you would go within and contemplate the depth and height of your being, the potentiality would begin to take form. Every law and principle of the universe can be found within the human constitution or consciousness. Even living tissue of the body can be sustained and multiplied outside the body indefinitely. The reason it does not happen inside the body is because of the mind’s interference, misconceptions, and judgments, disconnected from Divinity."

The Keys of Jeshua by Glenda Green, Chapter 20, p. 249


Have you signed this GMO labeling petition?

July 15, 2015

Dear Friends & Family,

Subject: have you signed this GMO labeling petition? I just took action to urge Congress to reject the new Monsanto Protection Act, the biggest threat to GMO labeling ever. I think you should too:

Peace & Love,

Sacred Steve

Jeshua Quote

June 20, 2015

"The secret is to see beyond limiting illusion. You are not trapped inside a prescribed form that has a particular height, weight, gender, and age. You can directly experience your true nature and see that it lives everywhere at once across space and time. As you do that, you will have the ultimate realization of arriving in the place of your destiny and discovering that you were there all along. When you can move through the past and future, and be within them both as if they were now; when your journeys of the heart are as real as your journeys of the body; then you will begin the most difficult, the most powerful expansion of all. You begin to exceed all the limits you have ever known and discover the meaning of compassion."

The Keys of Jeshua by Glenda Green, Chapter 24 p. 336

Earthling Alert!

February 10, 2015

I’ve seen this amazing couple live…they are HILARIOUS!

Sacred Steve

Planet Earth, February 9, 2015

There has been a massive out break of people taking themselves too seriously! While authorities have been alerted, we advise people to take precautions. As you may know, taking yourself too seriously leads to anger, arrogance, being easily insulted and various gastro-cerebral maladies.

Taking yourself seriously has been know to cause oysters to grow in unprotected brain cells. If that disgusts you, not to worry. There is a solution.

Tune in to "Insight Out–the Naked Truth" radio program Tuesday at 7 pm

Not only will you be able to avert this malicious tendency, but you will discover what it takes to undermine its hold on the human psyche. Imagine…millions of earthlings laughing all over the place–a veritable outbreak of giggles, guffaws and weight losing belly laughs

So tune in every Tuesday night at 7 PM And especially tomorrow night, if you feel any symptoms of self-seriousness creeping into your consciousness. Or, if you’ve had outbreaks of self-seriousness in the past, go to our archives at the same website and listen to any of our past programs. All are known to mitigate those supercilious attitudes that are symptoms of the disease.

So come on over to our house for as many helpings of laughter and insight out as you can absorb. You don’t have to bring anything–just an open mind, open heart, and a well modulated laugh reflex.

And we always include amazing songs in our shows–to give your left brain time to absorb the Insights.

Hope to be with you soon…..

Errol & Rochelle

Insight Out–the Naked Truth–Guaranteed to knock your blocks off!

Sacred Love Bundles for a Healthy Heart Month ❤

January 19, 2015
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SACRED LOVE Talk by Sacred Steve in GERMANY

January 12, 2015


Love is the way to realization, fulfillment, health and happiness"

with Steve Adler

About the true nature of LOVE: Source and content of life and basis of all religions – route and destination of mankind.

How does an aerospace engineer develop the idea to produce finest organic raw chocolate in heart-shape?

About these and other fascinating aspects of LOVE, Steve Adler aka "Sacred Steve" will tell us personally!

Graduate of the Elite Stanford University, King of organic raw chocolate & Business Partner of David Avocado Wolfe, aka "Lord

Cacao", the famous "Raw Food Guru" from California.

The personal path of a very special person – a visionary entrepreneur and practical mystic, a true alchemists of LOVE, a bridge-

builder between science and spirituality.

Deepest, inner experiences and reading the bestseller "Love without End" by Glenda Green, changed his life from the

ground up to henceforth live from the heart and inspire people of all cultures to connect with their center, the sacred heart & divine

core, to discover their true gift, and realize their dreams – in harmony with nature and for the benefit of all beings.

Lecture in English with German translation

28.02.2015 – 7pm


Tickets at the Tourist Office, presale € 11.00 / € 13.00 box office

Info Facebook: SACRED LOVE – Leben aus dem Herzen


Spirit of Feng Shui Winter News

December 20, 2014

From my friend Terumi….

Happy Winter Solstice, December 21, the official start of winter. In Feng Shui this is the KAN season related to Career and the water element. Letʻs consider how vital water is now only to career but also to all aspects of life.


California has been in extreme drought. Past winters yielded little rain and snow. This negatively affected careers in agriculture and other industries. We therefore enthusiastically welcomed the recent heavy rains and appreciate how much our planet is dependent on water.

For the entire month of November, I was privileged to housesit for dear friends in their beautiful home and hillside garden in Kailua, Oahu. I was 10 minutes away from Kailua/Lanikai beaches listed in the 10 most beautiful beaches worldwide! While 50% of the United States were recording freezing temperatures and snow, I was often the only one swimming at 8 a.m. in the 75 degrees Pacific ocean. There is no denying the incredible healing benefits of swimming in ocean sea water. Is it because over 60% of our bodies are made up of water and the rocking/swaying in the saltwater waves somehow restores balance to the body? And balance is what we strive for in all lifeʻs aspect including career.


In Feng Shui the street symbolizes the river. You come and go from the street. Everything enters through the front door of your home or business: opportunities, success, vital life force "chi" energy. Therefore the relationship between the street and your front door is critical for career and other life successes. While in Hawaiʻi I received an SOS email from a client/friend whose business and health had declined since her recent move to a new location. I instantly wondered what the relationship was between the street and her front door. Sure enough, on my return, I discovered that her front door was totally invisible from the street. The symbolic water-street energy was flowing completely past, creating limitations in her life. The good news is that Feng Shui has cures and remedies for even such extreme situations. We were able to implement various creative solutions to enhance the energy flow of the street to her front door.

Ensure the area from the street to your front door is obstruction free, and welcoming. Attractive plantings, colorful flowers, lights can assist in moving the chi from the street to the entrance. For businesses, the reception area creates first impressions so be sure that this area reflects vitality and a successful inviting presence. Water features are excellent additions in reception areas.


Marin county towns distribute sandbags to help residents prevent flooding. During this holiday season it is easy to overindulge both in activities and in excess alcohol/sweets foods that produce an acidic vulnerable environment in the body.

To help balance your body, introduce alkaline assisting foods such as white daikon radish. Slice and keep some in a jar with umeboshi (Japanese sour plums) and snack on them. Or dissolve a heaping teaspoon of miso or umeboshi plum in warm water and drink. At night, relax in an epsom salt and/or sea salt infused bath. Add drops of your favorite essential oils such as lavender or other calming oils.


Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Yalda – cultures worldwide celebrate the "light" as one of the ways to bring balance into this time of shorter days and longer nights.

Create the time during this KAN season to bring more light into your life. Sit around a cosy fireplace, light candles, sing seasonal songs that lighten your spirit, take a lunch hour break by going for a walk. Engage in light enhancing celebrations.


Stuck in holiday traffic? Consider how the water in you body is affected if you choose to stew and be upset in your car or while waiting at the airport. Or, transform this waiting time to express Love and Appreciation for all the blessings in your life. Remember Masaru Emotoʻs (RIP) groundbreaking work where he found that when we express Love and Appreciation, it forms the most beautiful of crystal structures in water. When we had 70 mph howling winds and rains in Woodacre last week, I spent the night reciting love and appreciation for the rains, water, winds, earth and more. (Unlike many other areas we had no power outage).

In this KAN season, I send Love and Appreciation to each of you for who you are and for the unique gifts you offer to the universe making this a better place world.

I wish you and your family many fortunate blessings of the season.

Terumi Leinow

Certified Feng Shui and Energy Clearing Consultant

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